We are honored to have had Christopher Essey, Thinking Eye Productions, here at the Temple to interview Leslie to be part of an upcoming Film Web Series & Documentary. Check out a sneak peek preview - Leslie Blackburn - Thoughts on Conventional Medicine  

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"Natural Awakenings, 2016 Holiday Addition" features an explanation of Sacred Sexuality and the work of Leslie Blackburn. Pg 33

Interviews & Press 

"Leslie Blackburn on Intimacy" Article and Video Interview by Jane Fader: "I have been raving about Leslie Blackburn's work as a sexual healer and transformational guide ever since last spring when I had my mind blown at her "Sacred Sexuality and Female Ejaculation" workshop. The three hours I spent learning from Blackburn evoked an awareness of the possibility for a greater, more sensitive existence."

Featured in Body Mind Spirit Guide "Announcing New Website and Live Webinar Classes", Oct 2016, pg 13 

Featured in the "New Offerings by Established Businesses and Practitioners" section, Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, Sep-Dec 2016, pg 14

"VideoCasts from Mystery School of the Temple Arts", Natural Awakenings - Wayne County/Detroit MI, May 2016, pg 7

"White Lies & Roses" Radio show 92.7 FM ~ 1400 AM, Leslie Blackburn interviewed by hosts Kim & Christian, aired Aug 16, 2015

"Temple Community Gathering: Sharing gratitude w/ Burners Without Borders", by Doxie Detroit, Burners Without Borders, December 2015

Natural Awakenings - Wayne County/Detroit MI "Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn" August 2015, pg 14

Detroit Free Press: "Leslie Blackburn, a Detroit area sexual counselor who describes herself as a "Sacred sexual healer and transformational guide," was on hand at Detroit Erotica Ball to discuss her services with guests on Saturday, May 2, 2015." John Froelich, Special to the Free Press. 

"The Art & Path of Sacred Sexuality", Leslie Blackburn interviewed by Mara Evenstar on her VoiceAmerica radio program: The Art of Transformation, April 2015 

Interviewed and featured in "People We Love" by "I'd Tap That" a sex positive resource for young people (and people young at heart!) in Toronto, March 2013

Spiritual Documentary produced by Ryan D'Silva, filming/interview at Mystery School of the Temple Arts, February 24, 2012

Women’s Empowerment Circle”, interviewed by Barbra White and Pat Krajovic, Body Mind Spirit Radio, We discussed what it means to be an empowered woman, what is a woman's greatest gift, and sacred sexuality, February 7, 2012

In Touch” Interview Series with Annette Aben, Body Mind Spirit Radio, Get to know more about Leslie, Sacred Sexuality and Mystery School of the Temple Arts through her live energy of joy, wisdom and giggles! October 19, 2011

“Local Business Paves Path to Self-Realization”, featured article about Leslie Blackburn and One Space, LLC on Patch.com, Dearborn, Michigan, 2010

 “From Savage Love to Sacred Sexuality”, Article by Jane Fader,  "While so many sex educators use a language that is chillingly medical, highly intellectualized, or harshly excerpted from the commercial raunch culture that flavors so many articulations of contemporary sexuality, Leslie Blackburn speaks from a place of joy, giggles and wisdom...." July 14, 2010

Interview on “Art & Design Show” television program by John Sauve, aired on Grosse Pointe War Memorial Television in 2009. Video of the interview published Jan 27, 2010

Interview on Radio Free Nashvile, by Dawn Kirk, host of "Wake Up & Live" on the topics of Sacred Sexuality and Sacred Geometry, March 29, 2008 

Interview on BeyondZen by Kris Vockler, January 7, 2008

Leslie is honored to have been a part of a conceptual television pilot "Sex, Love & Laughter", filmed in 2013, here's a little sneak peek of some footage from Mystery School of the Temple Arts