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Burning Man…Stepping into the Light published in Natural Awakenings, pg 33, Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan, December 2010, Ecstasy.  Bliss.  Freedom.  Connection.  Love. My experience of transformation... Feature article published on-line in the December 2010 issue 

Sacred Geometry published in Natural Awakenings, pg 18, Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan, September 2009

Our Bodies are Sacred

Published in the June 2018 issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide

The Exquisite Combination of Lucid Dreaming and Sacred Sexual Healing 

Published on the "Awakening With" Blog at AnyaLight.com, July 2017

Tantric Energy Touch workshop - now available on CD!!- announcing the first of the Mystery School of the Temple Arts workshops to be available on CD! Explore a live Tantric Energy Touch class in the comfort of your home, with a partner or by yourself, with this audio CD!  Read more by browsing the images of the CD cover, inside, back at this link: 

Articles by Leslie

Awakening to the Shift Begins Within 

published in Natural Awakenings, Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan, December 2009 

Yoga: A Pathway for Health, Happiness and Wholeness 

published in Arab American News, pg 23, June 2009 

Normal is Just a Button on a Washing Machine published in Body Mind Spirit Guide, December 2013 issue, gives some great foundational tools for your practice of self-awareness and transformation. Article see pg 18-19

​Spiraling Into Ourselves: The Energetic Healing Path of Sacred Sexuality 

published in ​the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, May-Aug 2013 issue, gives a great introduction to these Sacred Sexuality teachings.

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Published Works 

“Sacred Sexuality and Healing Through Body Wisdom” Michigan Academician, Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science Arts & Letters, Volume XLI, 2013, Number 2, Page 250