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Yoga: A Pathway for Health, Happiness and Wholeness 

published in Arab American News, pg 23, June 2009 

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Published Works 

​Spiraling Into Ourselves: The Energetic Healing Path of Sacred Sexuality 

published in ​the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, May-Aug 2013 issue, gives a great introduction to these Sacred Sexuality teachings.

Leslie's Blog

Burning Man…Stepping into the Light published in Natural Awakenings, pg 33, Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan, December 2010, Ecstasy.  Bliss.  Freedom.  Connection.  Love. My experience of transformation... Feature article published on-line in the December 2010 issue 

Articles by Leslie

Normal is Just a Button on a Washing Machine published in Body Mind Spirit Guide, December 2013 issue, gives some great foundational tools for your practice of self-awareness and transformation. Article see pg 18-19

The Exquisite Combination of Lucid Dreaming and Sacred Sexual Healing 

published on the "Awakening With" Blog at, July 2017

Awakening to the Shift Begins Within 

published in Natural Awakenings, Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan, December 2009 

“Sacred Sexuality and Healing Through Body Wisdom” Michigan Academician, Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science Arts & Letters, Volume XLI, 2013, Number 2, Page 250

Sacred Geometry published in Natural Awakenings, pg 18, Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan, September 2009