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8/18/2015 Episode>> Leslie answers Questions: "What are your thoughts on Nudism and Spirituality?" and "Aack!  My OB/GYN recommended this product, I see the ingredients and don’t want them in my Yoni, what do you suggest?"

7/21/2015 Episode>> Moving through an "ORI" by Listening to Your Body! (What is an ORI? Listen in to find out!!) Includes discussion on the inspiration of a profound stillness practice (Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy) in Leslie's life and work.

​6/16/2015 Episode>> A commonly asked question: ”How do I make my partner (usually a woman) have an orgasm?  Or ejaculate?", Leslie offers her perspective and answers this inquiry in this episode.

5/19/15 Episode>>
 Inspired by Contact Improv dance..."Open Play Close" the spiral of trusting stillness in my active practice, and exploring the inquiry of "how do I handle? what if sexual energy comes up in my practice of (fill in the blank with what's alive for you: dance, or, yoga, or school, or work, or other)?"

3/17/15 Episode>> "Feeling Really Good About Who You Are by Listening to Your Body!" By the end of this show you will leave knowing it’s possible to create real change in your body for the better! Includes “Body Wisdom Toolkit” description and guided experiential practice.

2/17/15 Episode>> Leslie answers the question recently asked of her: “What is the meaning of living? The purpose of life?" Indeed this is the very inquiry of self-realization that, to Leslie, Sacred Sexuality is all about!

1/20/15 Episode>> "The Speed of Sex", in this episode Leslie shares tools to support you on your journey including: Eye Gazing, Sexual Cleanse/Reset Button, Hold Please Breathe, Chocolate Tantra, Self Pleasure, Sensate Focus

12/16/14 Episode>> Embodied Spirituality & Our Sexuality

11/18/14 Episode>> Radical Self Responsibility

10/21/14 Episode>> Male Ejaculatory Choice - exploring a path that can bring rejuvenation and life into your body, release shame and guilt, and release frustrating issues like premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.

9/16/14 Episode>> Sacred Feminine ~ Sacred Masculine

8/19/14 Episode>> Resilience & Sexuality

7/15/14 Episode>> Embracing Being Weird!!

6/17/14 Episode>> Sacred Sexuality Practices – How to Prepare

5/20/14 Episode>> We all have a Body, what’s it like to pay attention to it?!

4/15/14 Episode>> Gender - A New Model! (see also Leslie's video blog "Gender Identity & Sexual Preferences- Inviting a New Model!")

3/18/14 Episode>> Female Ejaculation! Learning to Let Go!

2/18/14 Episode>> Inspirations from Eastern Michigan University talk, Container, Gender, Trusting Sexual Energy(skip ahead to 0:17 sec for introduction)

​1/21/14 Episode>> Energetic Orgasm

11/19/13 Episode>> Leslie addresses recent questions to her during a documentary film interview “Sex Positions and Hook-ups” – are they really what you think?

10/15/13 Episode>> "Learning Deeply about Self through Multiple Lovers"

9/17/13 Episode>> Sex and Relationships – Releasing the Boxes! (due to tech difficulties, skip ahead to about 1 min to skip the blank space at the beginning)

​8/20/13 Episode>> Gender & Sexual Preferences – Releasing the Boxes!

7/16/13 Episode>> Sex Magic for Healing (with lucid dreaming), Shamanic Awareness (widening perception)

6/18/13 Episode>> Coming into Relationship...with Self, Sexuality, Earth, Spirit and Others! Includes two tools for you to explore on your journey:
         Eye Gazing as Energy Transition  
         Self Pleasure homework (homeplay!) 

5/21/13 Episode>> Exploring the Felt Sense in our Sexuality

4/16/13 Episode>> Leslie's "Orgasm Chart"...sharing her story of orgasm and female ejaculation - a journey of orgasmic repertoire possibilities!  Includes solar flare awareness and barefoot grounding in opening meditation :)

3/19/13 Episode>> “Repatterning! What's it like to re-write your sexuality the way YOU choose!”

2/19/13 Episode>> “Slowing Down, a Profound Journey of Sexual Transformation”

1/15/13 Episode>> Exploring Polyamory - What it IS, What it is NOT and more!

​12/18/12 Episode>> Midwifing a New Consciousness

​11/20/12 Episode>> Magical & Transformational Aspects of our Sexuality!

10/16/12 Episode>> Learning to Let Go! Female Ejaculation

9/18/12 Episode>> Female Orgasmic Repertoire!

8/21/12 Episode>> Embodiment: Getting Comfy in Your Own Skin!

7/17/12 Episode>> Exploring Sexual Identity!

6/19/12 Episode>> Eliminating Boxes! Repatterning Love! Finding Your Truth & Authentic Path! Being Gentle with Yourself! And here's Leslie's Video Blog: "Eliminate the Box!" referred to in this episode!

5/15/12 Episode>> Pleasure!!  Allowing ourselves to feel it, share it, and trust it!  Feeling our own sexual energy!

4/17/12 Episode>> Emotional Body, Releasing Body Armoring, Healing from Sexual Abuse

3/20/12 Episode>> "What is Sacred Sexuality?"


"I absolutely love the way you start the podcasts by inviting the listener into a state of relaxation by taking a breath; and preparing to absorb some phenomenal information. The way that you incorporate your own story into your talks (and the honesty you share) is beyond refreshing. So far I have listened to Embracing being Weird and Listening to your body. You are a spiritual healer. Your exercises are audio-yoga. I am glad that I “accidentally” stumbled across your podcast. (I realize that there are no accidents.) I will take a breath of gratitude, and wiggle into a happy dance when I finish typing this. lol Thanks for your enlightenment! " ~ S

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4/19/16 Episode>>
 Free Yourself from the Box! We explore the answer to: "How do I weave my sex energy into my day-to-day life?"

3/15/16 Episode>> Conscious Sex Stuff! Leslie shares her recommendation on products, toys and lubricants that support you to be YOU by Listening to Your Body!

1/19/2016 Episode>> Clearing Clutter! And how this ties to feeling better in your Sexual Energy!

​12/15/2015 Episode>> Empowered Sexuality - Balancing Choice (free will) and Letting Go (surrender) - releasing boxes and being YOU!

11/17/2015 Episode>> "Sex Drive" vs "Sex Ahhh!"

10/20/2015 Episode>> Listening to My Body: A Food Journey with Orgasmic Results!

9/15/2015 Episode>> All about the Pelvis! An exploration of anatomy, physical and energetic, with an experiential practice.

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