Authentic Curiosity: Explore Touch Like Never Before

12:30pm arrival, 1pm-5pm
One Space, a private sanctuary outdoors in nature, Ann Arbor MI 48108, 5 minutes from I-94 Ann Arbor Saline exit
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WHERE: outside, at One Space, a private sanctuary in nature (detailed location instructions will be sent to registered folx)

WHEN: July 17th Doors open 12:30pm to arrive and settle in we will close doors and begin at 1pm-5pm

Join us for a journey of discovery with ourselves and each other: touching in a new way. In this experiential time together, we will establish a shared framework for relating with self, other and community awareness and open practical spaces for exploration within these structures. Framework includes:

Nervous system & body awareness
Container Building
Witness, Listening, Communicating
Somatic Practices
Touch Practices

This is about starting with the self and getting curious about what you want and like, then navigating your own body and nervous system needs and desires. With communication, we'll open options for touch and receiving touch with yourself and others.

In addition to the exploration we create here together, we’ll be building structures and shared language for our community so we can continue to co-create together! You’ll also have ingredients to take with you for sharing in your life and relationships.

As we re-emerge from a long journey that involved isolation, we’re noticing how much our bodies and nervous systems need a new level of listening and care upon re-engaging with touch and intimacy with other humans. And we know we are not alone. You all are telling us this as well...ways in which seeing and being close to someone in person can either feel overwhelming, or “psychedelic” (without the use of alterants) or joyful or anxiety producing or all of these at once! And of course feelings altogether different than these too. We are also noticing the HUGE value in this slow, conscious journey of paying attention..the joy that we feel emerge when we’re able to stay present in our bodies and really be with the experience.

Let’s intentionally explore listening to our bodies and making choices to navigate contact, connection, intimacy and belonging together.

Acknowledging COVID: Yes, case numbers are dropping. Yes, it is still a consideration. Honoring each person in where they are with this. Our container is not an easy answer - many folx have vaccinated, thank you for holding that for you and the community. Some folx have not been vaccinated for a range of reasons. If the reason you have not been vaccinated is because you think the virus is not real, please do not join us for this event. If you have chosen for other personal reasons, let’s navigate with care with each other when we meet. Please bring a mask so we can each wear if needed as we choose together.

We acknowledge that we each have been in various levels of human contact during the pandemic. Some have had solo isolation with zero interaction with other humans for at least some of the time, some have had a partner or more than one that they’ve isolated with. Let’s co-create a way to navigate this journey together as individuals, whether or not you have or bring a partner. You are most certainly welcome to join without a partner and explore contact with others choosing that along with you. Please be prepared to share vaccination status with any partner unknown to you and to navigate different levels of comfortability with others in the group. You are in consent! And consent works better when we are informed :-) If you wish to bring a partner or partners with you please have a conversation in advance on how you each might like to participate: Do you want to be partners together only? Sometimes together, sometimes with others? Always with others?

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/authentic-curiosity-explore-touch-like-never-before-tickets-162208081739

This will be a closed container with doors open and closed times. Each person is important to the circle. If someone wishes to leave before the container is complete, please check in with one of the facilitators so we can honor your choice with you.


This clear language is from the brilliant website of Alexis J.Cunningfolk and Emily’s friend who does this work in Portugal

$150 This is the cost we would ask if there was no sliding scale. If you have access to financial security, own property, have personal savings, can afford to travel, can afford medical care and alternative therapies, have expendable income and maybe support grown children financially, please pay at this price.

$75 Consider this price if you sometimes stress about making ends meet but regularly meet them, you have some debt or struggle with savings, could travel every couple of years without burden, sometimes support your grown children, have a little bit of extra money for therapies or self growth, sometimes buy new and sometimes choose thrift, and this workshop would involve a sacrifice of shifting money from elsewhere but would not cause undue hardship or greater debt.

$30 Consider this price if sometimes you are living paycheck to paycheck or your debt is substantial, you have children in house that you are supporting fully, you do not have the funds for regular vacations, you are on a tight budget to make sure that your household's basic needs are met every month, you do not have a substantial budget for personal self care, you are buying some new items but must consider purchases carefully and often choose thrift.

We are actively trying to deconstruct barriers to access to this work. If you identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, living with chronic illness and/or disabilities please reach out if you need accommodations beyond what is listed here.


* Please refrain from wearing fragrances or colognes.
* Bring a mask so that if the need arises you wear it
* Water and snacks to support you for our time together
* Blanket, towel or something to sit on
* Journal and pen
* Sarong or towel for sitting or shade (there are plenty of trees for shade too)
* Sun protection as you desire
* Natural bugspray (if you chose to bring, please honor extra distance from others and notice wind direction for spraying)


* We will meet in the One Space outdoor area which is a grassy lawn at ground level from the parking pad. There are no barriers or stairs required to access. We have stationary chairs that can be supportive for movement, dance and seating if desired.
* To support folx with sensitivities we’re asking all to refrain from wearing fragrances or colognes.
* We may play amplified music, and there’s plenty of space to make a choice about how close to be to speakers to manage your sound experience.
* Bathrooms: peeing freely on the land is always welcome, and the Nature View Loo is also available; it is on a trail with some ups and downs and tree roots to navigate, and requires a step up to access. Hand sanitizer and hand washing station both available.
* Please do ask about other accessibility needs, we are happy to co-create support in community together. Please give us 48 hours notice with additional requests so we can attempt to make this event something you can attend.

Emily Royce, Somatic Sexologist and Leslie Blackburn, Sacred Sexuality Educator

Leslie is a queer, omnisexual, polyamorous, ecosexual, kinky, genderqueer supporter of all beings to be authentically who they are, and uses the pronouns they, them. Their work blends Sacred Sexuality, Ancestral Healing, Grief & Emotional release, Anti-Racism work to support collective liberation, self-awareness, vitality, empowerment, and joy. Leslie stewards the land at One Space (see below for more about One Space)

Emily is a white, queer, cis-gendered, omnisexual, disabled, polyamorous, formerly married quirky herbalist sex-witch. She practices a range of embodiment and energetic practices: Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini and Yin Yoga instructor, Neo-Tantra facilitator for groups and individuals and now most heavily as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker helping folx to learn about their bodies and liberate into the freest versions of themselves. She comes from a Catholic, mixed race family with a lot of trauma and loss. All of this informs her work and life. She believes our bodies are not separate from nature and that we have a shared responsibility to ensure the right for all sentient beings to exist in ease and joy.


Together let's co-create a culture of care, for our bodies, ourselves, each other and the planet. This means paying attention, noticing, listening. Who is being centered right now? What are the power dynamics in the space? What voices are being heard? What voices are not being heard? What are our backgrounds, sexual preferences, gender identities, racial identities, skin colors, body shapes and sizes, abilities? Who are our ancestors? How do these impact our choices, even perhaps when we think they don't or we wished they didn't? Who is not in the room? Why? Are there patterns? How is each person feeling? What do our bodies need for care in the pandemic and the re-emergence of contact and gathering? What pace is right for us?

Caring about each other, to us, means paying attention. And acknowledging how our actions impact others, even when perhaps the other person's experience doesn't jive with our own experience or our "intention". Rather than denying it, can we stay open to listen? And build resilience to be in the conversation together, even if there's discomfort. Remembering we are loved

Let's get curious together, so that we can support our collective liberation and feel joy, connection and belonging

More about One Space: www.facebook.com/groups/onespacecommunity

See the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/229654418991120

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/authentic-curiosity-explore-touch-like-never-before-tickets-162208081739

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