ZEGG Forum: Be Seen and Heard in Community (Intro Night before the Weekend Training)

One Space, Ann Arbor MI 48108, 5 minutes from I-94 exit 175, details upon registration
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Do you remember a tender and raw moment when someone understood you so well that you were able to relax, let go of your concerns, and drop to a new level of intimacy and insight?

ZEGG Forum is a powerful community process for being seen and heard - a space where magic happens!
• What we'll do
We'll play fun, interactive games to help build relationships and create a field of connection. Then, we'll hold a ZEGG Forum Introduction, and discuss it afterwards. You are completely at choice about whether and what you share with the group.

WHERE: outdoors in nature at One Space, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 5 minutes from I-94 exit 175, details upon registration

WHEN: 6:00 doors open, 6:15 connection games, 7:15 Forum, 8:45 group debrief and Q&A. Please arrive by 6:15!

$25, $15 or $10
To support both equitable access and sustainability, we offer three rate options to be paid according to one's means.

Proceeds go to the facilitators, with some amount to One Space.
For more details on which sliding scale option fits for you and on One Space’s tithing model see the Guides at the link for One Space below.


PLEASE PRE-REGISTER by contacting Leslie to receive payment instructions.


FOR MORE INFO: contact Leslie Blackburn

Acknowledging COVID is still a consideration. Please bring a mask so that it can be worn if you are in a dyad and either of you desire that if you are sitting close together. We will be outside for this event.

* Please refrain from wearing fragrances or colognes.
* Please bring and wear a mask for this event, we will have extra if needed.
* Water bottle for hydration, snacks as you wish
* Chair, blanket, towel or something to sit on - some will be available to borrow as well
* Layers of clothing to celebrate your self expression and support your comfort with varying temperatures.

* We will meet in the One Space outdoor area which is a grassy lawn at ground level from the parking pad. There are no barriers or stairs required to access. We have stationary chairs that can be supportive for movement, dance and seating if desired.
* To support folx with sensitivities we’re asking all to refrain from wearing fragrances or colognes.
* Bathrooms: peeing freely on the land is always welcome, and the Nature View Loo is also available; it is on a trail with some ups and downs and tree roots to navigate, and requires a step up to access. Hand sanitizer is available. An outdoor hand/foot washing station is available.
* One Space is a 5 min drive from The Ride bus stop up at Meijer. If you plan to travel by bus please ask in advance about community support for transportation to/from the bus stop.
* Please do ask about other accessibility needs, we are happy to co-create support in community together. Please give us 48 hours notice with additional requests so we can attempt to make this event something you can attend.
Want to learn to facilitate Forum and bring this tool to your community? Check out our upcoming ZEGG Forum Facilitation Training:
Ann Arbor, MI, Aug 25-28, 2022

Those joining the weekend training are encouraged to also come to this Community Forum, and you are also welcome to join this Forum without doing the weekend training.
The Forum was developed in a free love / radically activist community called ZEGG, as a way to handle the complexities of love / money / power / relationships in a group of committed co-creators, and as an invitation to personal and collective transformation.
In Forum, the community sits in a witnessing circle, and individuals can go into the middle to share what is true for them. Facilitators help them share what is under the surface. After each share, community members can give reflections as a gift to the person who shared. This process amplifies empathy and understanding and can lead to creative solutions for group challenges.
One of the gifts of ZEGG Forum is that it allows us a space to appreciate every perspective without taking it on as “truth.” Every voice has its own poignancy, its own wisdom, its own truth, that does not negate the wisdom and truth of other perspectives. Allowing all voices to surface and be known can lead to a profound and unexpected integration within a community.
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Sarah Taub is a cultural activist who teaches skills for sustainable community. Since 2004 she has been organizing "New Culture" events that create a world based on love and freedom. Sarah has been training ZEGG Forum facilitators since 2011.

We may have additional facilitators depending on weekend training group size.

Steward of the land at One Space, reach out if you have questions about this event

Disappear in nature in our private sanctuary on four wooded acres. One Space is our home and community space. The land here called us in to be of service. We acknowledge that this is Anishinaabe land that after colonization became known as Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here we co-create a culture of care for our bodies, each other, ourselves, nature and the planet.
More about One Space:

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