Sacred Body Circles - Monthly Online

7pm-8pm Eastern, 4th Thursdays each month 2020 (exception: November will be held the 19th, December on the 17th)
Online via Zoom
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What you will receive:

* Guided experiential practices of connecting with your body and the land.

* Ways to let go of the old stories and open to your own vital force

* Tools to trust feeling safe to meet your power & to allow energy to move in your body

* Tapping into the unified field, we will create the space together to Listen to Our Bodies

* Space and prompts for journaling practices to support you to download and integrate your own unique guidance

* A Community of beings that are in this together with options for support outside of the scheduled Circles

* Instant access to over 100 posts (and more ongoing) with exclusive content on Sacred Sexuality and sneak peeks of my new book (coming in 2020!) .

We are embarking on one of the greatest transformational years of our lifetimes. On Sunday January 12, 2020, a major astrological event happened that is a reset, we are in a time to change the paradigm and shift the culture.

"On January 12, 2020, there is a rare astrological conjunction between the planets Saturn (structures/systems) and Pluto (death/rebirth/evolution/transformation) in the sign of Capricorn (patriarchal authorities/conglomerates/large corporate organisations). This event will be a historical turning point in the evolutionary cycle of humanity. Saturn and Pluto conjoin every thirty-three to thirty-eight years, but the conjunction in this particular sign last occurred in January 1518 at the time of the Protestant Revolution and its religious, economic and political reforms. This current meeting heralds an extraordinary opportunity for humanity to transform as it begins to emerge from a long dark night of the soul. It is in effect a reset button for our future as it has now become increasingly apparent that no solutions are to be found within the old paradigm." ~ Nicolya Christi

How Do We Move Forward

I believe our role in this transformation is to do our best to unpack the layers of old stories in our bodies, and open to the vital energy that is our very soul purpose on this planet in this lifetime. As we connect with and align with our soul purpose - we have more energy for the things that are important for ourselves and those we serve. Freeing up this vital energy and aligning to your purpose is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones...yes yes you are the only one that can be you so well, bring it!!

I have been in a 20 year inquiry into my own body and alignment with soul path, and I invite you to join me in Sacred Sexuality: Listening to Your Body as a life path.

For the first time ever, I am offering this live, monthly experience directly from our new space in nature!

Join me and a community of people like you that are ready to feel more joy and pleasure in your life, to feel aligned in your soul purpose, and to take action to support creating the new paradigm we wish to be in together.


* Live group calls by Zoom

* If you miss the live call, no worries you will have access to the recording in the patron only area.

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