Remembering Pleasure

6pm-7:30pm Eastern / 3pm-4:30pm Pacific
7 group sessions by Zoom, plus practices and community support outside of class time
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Remembering Pleasure

- a path of liberation through rebuilding connection‍

A 3 month program to create connection and resourcing with our bodies, nature, ancestors/Spirit and community so that we feel good about being who we are, feel supported to navigate life with clarity and purpose, and cultivate access to vitality and joy.

WHERE: online for 7 sessions, plus online community, plus practices at home and in nature

WHEN: SPRING 2022: Mar 2nd- May 30th, three moon cycles

In class time: 6pm-7:30pm Eastern (3pm-4:30pm Pacific) via Zoom, in presence together every dark moon and full moon as follows:

On your own, with guidance from the class and support of community:

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We are in a unique time, a global pandemic has invited us to see more deeply our interconnectedness...or not. Old scripts of relating are crumbling. We are at a threshold time - a time of deaths, births, transformations.  

The source of much of the rupture we’ve experienced as humans in the last millennia (and is being magnified RIGHT NOW during pandemic) is that we’ve forgotten or lost trust in our connection to our bodies, nature/Earth, Ancestors/Spirit and community. Especially in this recent pandemic time of much isolation, our bodies can respond with numbness, depression and a loss of a sense of vitality. I've felt it. I've heard from many of you that you've felt it. We’re not alone.

How would it feel to rebuild this connection, remember who we are, and remember our access to pleasure, confidence, connection and joy? In a way that isn’t about faking it - “putting a happy face sticker where it doesn’t belong*” - nor about waiting until something changes or gets better.

This program offers you:

Class size is limited to 8 people to maintain an intimate container and a network of support within the group.

We will work with four foundations, Relationship with:

  1. Ancestors/Spirit
  2. Nature
  3. Body and Nervous System
  4. Community

We will learn and use embodiment and somatic tools for nervous system resourcing, establish or deepen a ritual practice and connection with well, kind, vibrant and resourced Ancestors and Spirit/God(dess)/Divine in your way, co-create community support with each other, and establish or deepen a connection with nature. Using our tools of foundation, we will co-create sacred space and embark on three potent Rituals together with the medicine of the moon. Read more about the Four Foundations here.

Where we place our attention has power. We can open space for a simple powerful engagement with energy when we cultivate presence and choice together. So while we’re together for a short amount of time, the containers we co-create will focus that energy in a simple and potent way.

Our journey for Spring 2022 embarks at dark moon in March and cycles through three moon phases, ending at dark moon in May.

The themes of the three phases and the Rituals each full moon:

  1. Ancestors
  2. Grief
  3. Pleasure

Your Commitment:

Attend the seven sessions, 6pm-7:30pm Eastern (3pm-4:30pm Pacific) via Zoom, and create time and space for your practice and co-support with the community.

Join our private online community in Mighty Networks to access course materials and links for our calls, as well as community connection with our group.

We are holding each other in support and community so your presence at each of the seven Zoom sessions is important for our group field. Please hold the intention of full attendance and participation. Recordings may be made if an emergency requires someone’s absence from the dark moon classes and I am notified with that request. To support magickal space, recordings will not be made of the Rituals.

Are you ready to invest in your health, wellness, pleasure, soul path and our collective liberation?


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This clear language is from the brilliant websites of Alexis J. Cunningfolk & Lorie Solis who passed this language and lineage onto my dear colleague Emily Royce who passed it on to me.

I am actively working to deconstruct barriers to access to this work. If you identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, living with chronic illness and/or disabilities please reach out if you need accommodations beyond what is listed here.

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Remembering pleasure in this time and the pandemic?! Whew, I’ve had a hard time remembering! And I know I am not alone... many of us have disconnected from pleasure.

There are a lot of blocks to pleasure. Some old, some new. Some are things like: waking up to anti-racism work and recognizing the way in which our lineage, family and the systemic structures in our society have created harm. Or feeling the heaviness of being oppressed in those systems of harm. Or both.

The antidote to the guilt and shame of waking up to these pieces, is to remember our connection with our family, lineage and heal our ancestral lines. To remember, and heal restores our intact connection to vital source energy.  

We all have this access capacity, it’s just that sometimes we’ve forgotten. In our US culture over the past millennia - we’ve been trained not to trust. We don’t trust other humans, we don't trust our relationship with our bodies, we don't trust our relationship with nature nor our relationship with ancestors & Spirit (Goddess, God or however you relate with the Divine). A reclaiming, a rebuilding of those relational spaces, gives a foundation of resourcing so that we can rebuild and reclaim our relationship to our power and pleasure and intimacy. This is an important re-membering ...a knitting back together of the dismembered parts of the interconnected web that we are.

And another block to pleasure is binding and holding in the body that doesn't allow energy to move. Often on the pathway of feeling pleasure, emotions such as grief, sadness, anger or other emotions emerge. The way out is through...allowing ourselves to feel grief in a supported community offers a gift to the ancestors and allows us to receive a gift of strength and resilience in our bodies. This makes way for other sensations and energies, and pleasure, to be in our body.

Sometimes it's a rebuilding of a connection with Spirit and nature that supports our reclaiming of connection with the body. Which then supports the, sometimes more complex & strife-filled connection, with humans. Maybe human connection opens something in our capacity to feel safe in our bodies. There can be a dance in an interplay, of course, between all four of those and what we're going to do in this course is work with acknowledging and rebuilding relationship with these four foundations:

  1. Ancestors/Spirit
  2. Nature
  3. Body and Nervous System
  4. Community

So that we can feel more confident in who we are and our purpose in the world, access vital energy and Remember Pleasure!

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VIDEO of Leslie sharing about the Fall 2021 Remembering Pleasure offering >>> HERE

CHECK OUT a wonderful juicy morning conversation about Remembering Pleasure with my dear friend Bernadette Pleasant of The Emotional Institute ... I think she said it spot on, so many of us feeling "parched" right now, (to watch the video click here)

WORDS FROM A GRAD of the 2021 program:

"Remembering Pleasure with Leslie offers help with Life's Transitions. I was experiencing multiple Life Transitions simultaneously and the program very much helped me define what "Enough" is for me, and I am grateful for that" -eric


Leslie Blackburn, Sacred Sexuality Educator

Leslie is a queer, omnisexual, polyamorous, ecosexual, kinky, genderqueer supporter of all beings to be authentically who they are, and uses the pronouns they, them. Their work blends Sacred Sexuality, Ancestral Healing, Grief & Emotional release, Anti-Racism work to support collective liberation, self-awareness, vitality, empowerment, and joy. Leslie stewards the land at One Space

1* A friend of mine, connecting with the spirit of his tobacco plants, recently got this download from them: "Stop putting a happy face sticker where it doesn't belong"

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