Frequently Asked Questions

Love. Belonging. Identity. Justice.

"What we ultimately seek is Love. It is Belonging. It is Identity. It is Justice. It is Truth."

What is Sacred Sexuality?  What is a Mystery School? What are Dakinis and Dakas?  What are Temple Arts?

These questions are answered here.

Who is the Dakini that teaches here?  

I am Leslie, a Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide.  I work with adults of any gender identity & sexual preferences.

Who are your clients?

Non-binary, transgender, cisgendered, women, men, singles or couples or poly pods of any sexual and gender identity who have an authentic interest in their own personal growth.  They are motivated to make changes in their life, and willing to heal and open. They are seeking healthier, happier lives with more energy.  They are seekers, those on the path of finding the truth, and feel called to explore this path of awakening and tuning into the wisdom of their own bodies.  Some seek expanded intimacy with their partner(s).  Some seek the ecstatic joy and bliss of empowered sexuality within themselves.

Whether single or in a range of relationship styles, my clients come from all walks of life, they are healers, therapists, body & energy workers, engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, accountants… they are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, lovers… they are teachers, artists, students of life and creators of self.

What should I expect from a private session?

Your first session will be a minimum of 90 minutes and will include discussion, education, awareness, coaching and guided exercises.  Sessions are co-created uniquely based on your intention, needs and desires.  In preparation you will be asked to fill out an Intake Questionnaire, so I can learn about your background, experience and intentions for our work together. I work with breath, movement, sound, touch & visualization to open pathways in the body and to cultivate and move energy.  As Dakini I am your guide; I draw from years of experience, intuitive guidance and a repertoire of tools and techniques for emotional release, foundational processes and sacred sexual practices.  We will move around as well as spend some time sitting on the floor, so loose comfortable clothing is advised.  Those able to clearly communicate your desires and intentions during Intake will reduce the amount of time we need to spend developing that during the session.

I am still a little nervous how can I learn more before signing up for a private session?

Watch Leslie's videos, try beginning with this one. Read what others have said about their experiences.

What should I expect from a group class or workshop?

You can always expect respect, compassion and integrity in a safe, nurturing environment. Content details vary by event, please see our Offerings.

Is there nudity involved?

During the first session, any “body work” will be clothed.   In any session, touch is only to the extent of our mutual boundaries and comfort levels.  You are always held in a safe and confidential space for our work together.  Nudity and touch for future sessions will be discussed in conjunction with your coaching plan.

How can I prepare? What should I bring?

The most important factors in your transformation are your intention, willingness to open and be vulnerable and courage to make changes.  I support you in building this for yourself.  Feel into the questions on the Intake Questionnaire and take the time to express yourself as openly and honestly as possible.  Yoga, meditation, Qigong and other contemplative practices help provide a great foundation from which to build upon and are useful in preparation for this work (I share a bit more about my story and this concept in one of my Blog entries). Check out Resources for videos, radio show archives, recommended reading and links. Wear loose comfortable clothing, and please refrain from wearing fragrances or colognes. Also, I encourage you to begin a journaling practice if you haven't already...bring your journal to session to take notes on "Aha!" moments, homework and suggested practices to take with you!

For more exploration of this question, see also my VideoCast series for some guided experiential practices, specifically the Oct 7 VideoCast is a great place to start, plus my Radio show from June 2014: Sacred Sexuality Practices - How to Prepare and my video: Barefeet Earth. Plus my radio show on Clearing Clutter and how that leads to Better Sex.

Do I need to bring a partner, or can I learn this on my own?

Either! The power and potential of self-transformation opens doors and holds space for you to magnetize the relationships that will take your growth and learning to new levels.  Whether you come to this work with a partner or on your own, learning to love oneself is a crucial step toward healthy relationships with others.

Where are you located?

Ann Arbor, Michigan

How much does it cost?

This question is answered here.

What is your cancellation policy?

This is a commitment to yourself, yay you! You are taking time to explore your authentic path!

Please note that rescheduling is very difficult once we confirm an intention for meeting, since my schedule fills in advance (often a month or more depending on time/day). Please consider that as you are balancing other priorities. I ask that we hold the intention of keeping a confirmed appointment if at all possible. :)

I am proud of the energy and intention that I use in creating a safe and confidential space for our work.  For example, I dedicate roughly 3 hours to each 90 minute Introductory session. This extended time period is confirmed for you, during which others cannot and will not be booked. This also includes a considerable amount of time spent before the session to prepare for you. Please be respectful of your time and mine, call if you must cancel for any reason. Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment time will be charged the full amount. No-shows without notice will not be rebooked. And I understand life brings us surprises, so the important thing here is that you communicate clearly with me, especially regarding any unusual circumstances. Respect and integrity are crucial values in my life and in my work. Thank you for your respect and for honoring this policy.

The cancellation policy for workshops and classes can be found under the Event listings on the Offerings page.

Here at Virgo, our message and mission is simply, to help connect people to the life giving message of Jesus.