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I am honored to share that the book on Sacred Sexuality that I have written over the past 10 years is now in final editing stages with publication planned for later in 2020. I invite you to check this out!  Become a patron, receive some yummy rewards PLUS access to my patron-only feed (currently over 100 posts, more ongoing) and sneak peeks of the book before it comes out!

Come co-create with others like you! Let's do this together!

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What is it like for you to tap into your sacred sexuality, your sexual sovereignty, your pleasure, your choice?

Your body is your path of that truth for you - not my body or anyone else's body, not what somebody else says.  I wish to support you on your resonant connection with your source and your truth!  

The book, Sacred Sexuality: Listening to Your Body, supports you on your path with:

* personal stories and possibilities,

* spiritual and science teaching geekery (including physical & energy body anatomy, trauma information and how to unwind from the body, orgasm & ejaculation spectrum for all genders), and

* experiential exercises and tools for you to explore

Join us and get instant access to parts of the book, now before it's published, and more on the way!

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I support you to connect with the life giving wisdom of your body.