Our Bodies are Sacred

I used to run my body, push it, drive it and tell it what I think it should do. In the process I burned out, got injured, hurt and finally crashed in a breakdown. I nearly didn’t make it. As I woke up, I began to listen. Over time, I began listening to what it really wanted and offered that. How can my body and awareness come together to make decisions? Bring the two together! Not shove away rational thought, it’s important too. But our heads run at 99mph, and our bodies reveal in a slower pace. I invite it starts with slowing way down and listening. Can we bring balance and listen to the innate wisdom of the body along with what our rational minds have to say?

Over years, listening to my body as a spiritual compass, I reclaimed and recreated my relationship with my body and have opened to ecstatic possibilities that I never knew were possible!

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