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"Explore these practices self-guided, in the comfort of your own home."

BOOK is coming! "Sacred Sexuality: Listening to Your Body"

After over 10 years in process, my first book is now in final editing. In the meantime get sneak peeks and support the process of getting this book into the world!

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VIDEOS: "Sacred Sexuality Workshop Series"

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra - An Introduction (Video #1)

Sacred Sexuality. At first glance the idea of these two words together in the same phrase may seem contradictory. Over thousands of years, culture and society have separated the sacredness from the body and all of nature, when, in fact our sexual energy is the most fundamental creative force in the Universe. Join Leslie for an introductory presentation on what Sacred Sexuality & Tantra are all about!

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"Tantric Energy Exploration" Workshop (Video #2)

Give yourself permission to safely explore pleasure and bliss, in the privacy of your own space! Join Leslie Blackburn, Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide, for a guided practice to explore energy through breath, sound & movement. We'll explore some basic physical and energy body awareness and the Sacred Geometry of our energy bodies. All adults of any sexual and gender identity are welcome and encouraged. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to support breath and movement.

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"Polyamory & Alternative Relationships" (Video #3)

Polyamory - multiple loves, or alternative relationships, and the empowerment of choosing relationship rules that work for you and your partner(s) rather than feeling stuck trying to fit into a box! After beginning with a centering/grounding meditation, we’ll share what Polyamory is, what it is NOT, and open discussion on commonly hot topics such as exploring jealousy, fears, communication, etc. We'll also share tools to support you on your journey. We invite all to join in...whether curious or already engaged in a poly path!

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"Tantric Orgasm & Anatomy for all Gender Identities" Presentation/Discussion, Part 1 & Part 2 (Videos #4&5)

You may have heard the phrases: “Female Ejaculation” Or “Male Ejaculatory Choice” Empowering awareness, profound practices for our Sacred Sexual journey…and I invite, broader than the “gender box” the titles imply. Come join me as we explore a new way to look at Gender that frees us from the binary view of male/female AND embraces the power in energetic pathways in the body regardless of how we identify. We will explore Physical and Energy Body Anatomy, Orgasmic Spectrum, Yoni Ejaculation (including what is often termed Female Ejaculation), Lingam Ejaculatory Choice (including what is often known as Male Ejaculatory Control or Mastery). Explore how these ancient secrets and practices apply in YOUR body, regardless of gender. All adults of any sexual and gender identity are welcome and encouraged! Wear loose comfortable clothing to support some light breath/movement practices that will be offered during this presentation/discussion style class.

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While the above videos can stand alone, content is woven through the course of the series. Joining us for the whole series is encouraged!


$29 per video (roughly 2 hr each) or $145 for the series (roughly 10 hours of instruction)


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AUDIO CD: "Tantric Energy Touch" - Workshop


Explore a live Tantric Energy Touch class in the comfort of your home, with a partner or by yourself, with this audio CD!  Online purchase is no longer available, reach out to buy from me directly.

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Our bodies are sacred, let's listen to them.