Remember who you are
Trust your power
Claim your sexual sovereignty

Are you ready to feel good about feeling good?

COVID19 Update: In honoring my body and nervous system, and care for myself and our community, we are pausing all sessions until September. We will check in on our climate when we get closer for scheduling remote & in-person sessions and what the protocols will be.
Hello fellow being!  I see you in there. You are:
  • Curious
  • Committed to make a change
  • Willing to look inside
  • Showing up for yourself
  • Caring

You have a presence that you bring to the world in so many areas of your life!  You're making an impact and doing good work in the world. I see the courage in you that has supported you to get this far, and I see that there's also this place where you need some support. Sometimes in sexuality, intimacy and connection, those places where you feel confident fall away.

You are not alone. And yes, you can reclaim this. I am so excited and honored to be of service. Yes I can help!

Sending you so much love and light!

Sacred Sexuality
Private Sessions

You are curious, caring and committed to make a change!
I see your courage, and your willingness to look inside and open to new possibilities.
Are you ready to claim your sexual sovereignty, trust your power, and remember who you are?

Let's work together

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

How often do you feel?:
    * Stressed out
    * Pressed for not enough time in the day
    * Gripping, stuck spots
    * Tightness, discomfort, pain
    * Depressed, anxious
    * Dis-ease

Treat yourself to the gift of ahhhh!

Let's Work Together

Sacred Sexuality Leadership Program

Are you an emerging or established sexuality educator, teacher, therapist, healer, coach, sacred intimate or somatic professional who supports other's sexual empowerment? I offer a leadership program: to learn tools for supporting other's sexual empowerment, find your own voice in what you offer and feel the support of a community of fellow healers.

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Remembering Pleasure

Online, Aug-Dec 2021
A 3 month program to create connection and resourcing with our bodies, nature, ancestors/Spirit and community so that we feel good about being who we are, feel supported to navigate life with clarity and purpose, and cultivate access to vitality and joy.

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Workshops & Events

Join us in person in Ann Arbor, MI for our monthly Temple Community Gatherings, listen monthly to Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn Radio show on Body Mind Spirit Radio, live videos, classes on various topics and more.

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Home Study

Curious about this work and prefer the comfort of your own space?
Explore the power of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra workshops on various topics by audio and video.

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