Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Body Wisdom

“Our innate health is within us. Our body is so wise! The body knows it's optimal template and truest health and is in a constant state of finding equilibrium to balance our vibrancy with managing our experiences with the world.  Health is always available and we have the capacity to heal our own bodies.  This practice supports the receiver by co-creating a field of possibility for the body to align to Source and its fullest potential.”

~Leslie Blackburn, MS, RCST®

"What is it?"

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a healing modality that begins with the premise that your body knows its fullest state of health and well-being, and what we do together in session is hold space for the fullest possibility of your body to remember and know its true nature.

My calling to this work came from deep Spiritual and intuitive guidance, and as I sank into the extensive training, the analytical science geek in me has also been satiated!  This balance of complementary energies, Spirituality and Science, is the very essence of my life’s work...once again Love in Action!

Importantly, in addition to the roots in osteopathy that so many people know about, BCST is originally rooted in the indigenous history and medicine teachings of the Shawnee and Cherokee healers that Andrew Stills had a relationship with. I am doing my best to bring awareness to these roots, remain open to see my own blindspots, take action within our BCTA organization to repair, and offer right balance as I share the work. I am grateful to Susan Raffo for bringing this important wisdom to my awareness, and I encourage you to read more in her piece here.

Slow Down

‍Did you know, our bodies resonate with rhythms MUCH slower than our heart rate or respiratory breath?  There’s value in sinking into the deep fluid tides within and around the body.

Get Juicier!‍

When we slow down and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to come online, there is a 20-30% increase in the production of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  In other words - we literally get juicier!  And when we’re feeling “fried” or “burned out” this juiciness can be the very  “ahhh” we’ve been seeking for our bodies, which are made up primarily of water.

Let Go!‍

Our fascia (connective tissue) has smooth muscle fibers in it.  These are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.  We literally can’t “do” the relaxation of these fibers, it’s about slowing down to “allow” them to let go, to unwind.

Shine Your Light!

‍We are infinite beings in finite form.  Liquid light is the essence of our soul, our Divine nature, embodied in the fluids in our body, especially the CSF.  The CSF is produced in the ventricles of the brain and bathes our central nervous system.

There is a place in the heart known as the natural pacemaker, the group of cells that sends electrical impulses to tell the heart to keep beating (the Sinoatrial (SA) Node).  However scientists don’t currently have an explanation for what tells the SA node to keep working.  When the CSF (and therefore the very embodiment of our Light) returns from the brain down to the heart, it drops right down to this spot!  For me this was a profound awareness of how it’s the very embodiment of our soul, our Divine essence, that really keeps us ticking!  (Incidentally, this spot is also known as the “seat of the soul” in some spiritual traditions.)  Imagine the power in our self-awareness and healing when we relate to and let this fluid be heard.

"Is it for me?"

How often do you feel?:

Trust being the Light that you are

Treat yourself to the gift of ahhhh!

‍Think of stuck spots and areas of pain as ways that our vibrancy and life energy (Breath of Life-BoL) are compensating for and centering the impact of experiential forces (traumas, toxins, pathogens, daily stressors) so as to limit their effects on the system (your body). [Ref. Sills]

By supporting the system to feel resourced in a way that those areas can unwind and let go, not only can we reduce or eliminate the pain or discomfort ...but the very vibrancy held in that pattern gets released to be available to our Being:  Literally giving us access to more energy for our lives.

"What should I expect?"

With my work, you can always expect respect, compassion and integrity in a safe, nurturing environment.

You may notice a lot happening in your body, motions, sensations, thoughts.  You may rest into stillness, feel fluidic tide-like motion.   There may be long periods of silence and stillness. You may even fall asleep and that can be your body’s way of saying “rest, yes please”... that's okay, it’s valuable. I will let you know when the session is complete so you can rest and let go into that space without worrying about time.   You may notice profound experiences beyond time and space. You may not notice much at all, yet profound changes are happening and continue beyond the session in a lasting and cumulative way.

I may come in contact with your body at your feet or sacrum or head or other areas that we discuss.  The contact is fully clothed, you'll be resting on a massage table and yet this is not a massage. Very little manipulation happens. This practice is one of holding space for the highest possibility, not pushing or manipulating bones or tissues.

It's a gentle, non-intrusive modality.  Not only can it release specific discomforts and pains, it can also invite feeling really good about who you are in your life!

Let's Work Together

Feeling really good about who you are by listening to your body, I support you in this!

BCST really supports deep relaxation on a level that can be hard to access by ourselves.  

Experience relaxation, unwinding, letting go in the body, a sense of “ahhh”.

Give yourself the gift of letting go, of slowing down of resting in the value of supported stillness.

It is an honor to be of service,

Sliding Scale

This clear language is from the brilliant websites of Alexis J. Cunningfolk and Lorie Solis who passed this language and lineage onto my dear friend & colleague Emily Royce who passed it on to me, Leslie.

FOR 1 hour BCST Session

$90 - If you have access to financial security, own property, have personal savings, can afford to travel, can afford medical care and alternative therapies, have expendable income and maybe support grown children financially, please pay at this price.

$80 - Consider this price if you sometimes stress about making ends meet but regularly meet them, you have some debt or struggle with savings, could travel every couple of years without burden, sometimes support your grown children, have a little bit of extra money for therapies or self growth, sometimes buy new and sometimes choose thrift, and this session would involve a sacrifice of shifting money from elsewhere but would not cause undue hardship or greater debt.

$70 - Consider this price if sometimes you are living paycheck to paycheck or your debt is substantial, you have children in house that you are supporting fully, you do not have the funds for regular vacations, you are on a tight budget to make sure that your household's basic needs are met every month, you do not have a substantial budget for personal self care, you are buying some new items but must consider purchases carefully and often choose thrift.


$425 (see above for descriptions to guide which sliding scale bucket is the best fit for you)




$825 (see above for descriptions to guide which sliding scale bucket is the best fit for you)



As always, a portion of my income I tithe monthly to BIPOC, trans, queer, femme identified families/communities/organizations and reparations.

I am actively trying to deconstruct barriers to access to this work. If you identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, living with chronic illness and/or disabilities please reach out if you need accommodations beyond what is listed here.

Welcome new clients!  Come explore your first session at the individual session rate, then if you choose to continue with a package, you can choose an option to apply your first session towards that package.

Credit card, please pay in advance (contact me for options)

Or in person when we meet I accept cash only

Cancelation Policy

Please be respectful of your time and mine, call if you must cancel for any reason.  Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment time will be charged the full amount (with COVID-19 exceptions noted in your confirmation email).  No-shows without notice will not be rebooked. And I understand life brings us surprises, the important thing is that you communicate clearly with me, especially regarding any unusual circumstances.  Respect and integrity are crucial values in my life and my work.  Thank you for your respect and for honoring this policy.

NEW! In-person session are now reopen as of March 2022.

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, only 5 minutes from the highway (from the Ann Arbor-Saline Road exit on I-94). Remote Sessions are available by Zoom. Details upon confirmed booking or email me if you have questions.

Book online here.  Or contact me, and tell me that you are inquiring about or wish to book BCST sessions. If you prefer to share a call first to learn more or ask questions, please feel free to book a time for a complimentary Discovery call.


Leslie Blackburn, MS, RCST®

"It is not we (the practitioner) who do the healing; it is the unerring forces from within."

~ Franklyn Sills, Author of Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics and pioneer in the field. ​

"The human body is organized in the field of potency, an ordering field of light."

"In the heart of all motion is a stillness that organizes."

~ Franklyn Sills

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