Clearing Clutter as a Path to Better Sex - Part 1

In this two-part series, we will explore how clearing clutter from your life leads to better sex, more vibrancy, and more clarity. Releasing things that no longer serve you opens space to move energy through your body, helping you open up to receive and share your vital life force. It also creates room for the relationships or opportunities you seek. Let’s explore how.

For Part 1 see the April 2022 issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide, pg 28

What could you release from your life to make space for what you desire?

Healing Intergenerational Shame Through the Ancestors

Our sexual healing can come in so many forms... how is it connected to the ancestors?

Imagine all the stories and scripts your body is carrying, often the ones that feel shameful and secretive, that were perpetuated by your parents, their parents, and beyond. Can it then begin to make sense that as we heal the lines, some space can happen so we can remember our sexual sovereignty?!

Would you like support in unwinding the intergenerational shame that impacts so much of our lives, including our sexuality and ability to feel pleasure?

Read more in my article recently published in the Crazy Wisdom bi-weekly (page 7)...

What do you notice as you read it?  How have you felt the impact of intergenerational shame?

Sacred Sexual Healing: Ancestors and the Four Foundations

As we repair our relationships with our bloodline ancestors, it feels like: “Ahhh… my people have my back!” There’s an accessibility, a power, a potency for everything else in our lives....Read more

Meeting Our Discomfort to Support Collective Liberation

Over a year ago I was asked to write a piece for a Crazy Wisdom Journal column and amidst the pandemic a lot of things shifted. A year went by, when we dug it back out to prepare it for publishing in this issue it hit me... It was the wrong piece. I didn't like what I had written. I had written about it before and it felt like old news. Instead, I felt the aliveness of what had truly been Out of My Comfort Zone, hit me, I felt it and knew it was time to write from a deep place of discomfort, one that has taught me a lot, and I wrote from that place in my body.

This is that piece, I'm proud of it. And it's just the beginning of more coming.

Pick up the Crazy Wisdom Journal Jan-April 2022 issue around the Ann Arbor area OR

Read it online here:

The Key to Unlocking the Change We Wish to See is within Our Bodies

Alright y'all, we're in the big cusp of change... Read more

Interview in Crazy Wisdom - What's Up in Our Community during COVID19

"Because of Covid-19, we didn’t publish our usual springtime Crazy Wisdom Community Community Journal in mid-April. (We will publish it later on in the spring.) But in the meantime, we thought we’d create a weekly online version—short, and lively, and perhaps a mild distraction for our local and regional readership."

This issue includes : Interview with Leslie Blackburn - Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide, on what they've been up to during quarantine...

Grounding Centering Meditation

Support to feel settled and safe...Video Here

Radio Podcast: Sacred Sexuality w Leslie Blackburn and special guest Bernadette Pleasant

How Sexual Empowerment, Grief and Anti-Racism work are connected

See video here

Radio Podcast: Sacred Sexuality w Leslie Blackburn and special guest adrienne maree brown

Our Bodies are Sacred

"I used to run my body, push it, drive it and tell it what I think it should do. In the process I burned out, got injured, hurt and finally crashed in a breakdown. I nearly didn’t make it. As I woke up, I began to listen. Over time, I began listening to what it really wanted and offered that. How can my body and awareness come together to make decisions? Bring the two together! Not shove away rational thought, it’s important too. But our heads run at 99mph, and our bodies reveal in a slower pace. I invite it starts with slowing way down and listening. Can we bring balance and listen to the innate wisdom of the body along with what our rational minds have to say?"

Over years, listening to my body as a spiritual compass, I reclaimed and recreated my relationship with my body and have opened to ecstatic possibilities that I never knew were possible.

Read the full article on Body Mind Spirit Guide here

The Exquisite Combination of Lucid Dreaming and Sacred Sexual Healing


"Our sexual energy is the powerful, creative energy that is our life force. This is the energy that brought us into being. We can tap into this energy with a little intention and awareness, and of course with consent, integrity, and respect for our own bodies and for others.  I hold this to be very sacred.

There are many ways to work with sexual energy for healing. I will tell you about the steps I used..."

Read the full article by Leslie Blackburn on